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Structure and Governance

The Labex is structured on three research axes called :

  • Instabilities, Couplings, Control
  • Heterogeneity, Multi-scales, Scale Change
  • Complex Fluids

Each Axis involves “Actions“, that possibly include different “Parts“. Each Axis, Action and Part refer to a responsible.

The governance of the Labex involves 3 councils­:

Coordinating Council :

It is composed of the coordinator and the responsibles for each axis. It discusses issues relevant to the evolution of the project as well as to daily concerns referring to researches, applications, formation … including expenses, display, hosting, attraction, benefits …

It will meet at least twice a year to address issues related to the advancement and development of the projects, their support and all issues relating to researches, their­ exploitation and their interaction with higher education.

Governing Board :

It is composed of the coordinator and the partner responsibles. It discusses issues relevant to texpenses as well as to daily concerns referring to display, hosting, attraction, benefits …

Labex Council :

It is composed of the two previous Councils open to representatives of the relevant research and higher education establishments, industry and teaching structures. It meets annually to discuss the annual review of the project, ways to support its development, strategic directions and partnerships.

It is complemented by :

  • Scientific council

composed by the following personnalities :

President : Alessandro Bottaro, Professor at Genova University

Djimédo Kondo, Professor at UPMC, UMR 7190 IJLRA, Paris

François Lequeux, Research Director at CNRS, UMR 7615 SIMM, ESPCI, Paris



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