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Axe 2 : Heterogeneity, Multi-scale, Scale change

The second axes, entitled " Heterogeneity, Multi-scales, Scale change " addresses systems whose structure vary in space (heterogeneous) or in scale (multi-scale) : porous or composite materials, explosions, shock waves, turbulence... Here, it turns out to be necessary either to change the scale of description to go for instance from the pore to the porous material, or to determine the interactions between fine scales (fronts, interfaces or rigid surfaces) and wide scales (flows, objects), or finally to understand the interplay between scales (small and big vortices in turbulence). For that purpose, qualitative progress in the characterization of heterogeneous materials are required: they will be obtained by using measurement devices involving various kinds of waves (ultrasounds, X rays, infra-red), each focusing on a particular scale. The studies will aim at understanding the effects of the deformation of a pore (or of a cellular wall) on the behavior of the porous material (or of the spongy bone), with application to the thermomechanics of foams and the search for multifunctional materials. Others will address numerical simulation of waves and explosions in non-linear or extreme environment and the way a more and more turbulent environment propagates reactions or make particles sediment.

- 2.1 Action­ " Heterogeneous material characterization " - Project leader : Fabrice Rigollet.

- 2.2 Action " Heterogeneity, homogenization and multi-physics couplings ". Responsible : Cédric Bellis.

- 2.3 Action " Modeling of heterogeneous media, wave, interfaces and multi-physics couplings " - Responsible­: Sergey Gavrilyuk.

- 2.4 Action " Multi-scale reaction and sedimentation ".



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