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Axis 3 : Complex Fluids

The third axis, entitled "Complex Fluids", is focussed on the influence of elementary entities (nanoparticles, red blood cells, vesicles, granulates) present in a fluid on its behavior or its treatment. It concerns for instance potability, blood flows, mud rheology ... The studies will aim in particular
at characterizing dense (and therefore opaque) suspensions by ultrasounds, with medical applications to blood pathologies, as well as the deformations of vesicles or of capsules, and the resultant rheology. The detection of nanoparticles by optical method will be implemented to help in the development of efficient methods of nanofiltration of metal residues, of pesticides or of medicine in natural waters. On a larger scale, the accretion of particles in protoplanetary disks and its link with flow instabilities will be studied with the aim of understanding why planets form finally so quickly. Lastly, when the suspensions are dense enough to be bound, the system gets closer to a fluid perfusant a solid matrix or a gel. These cases will lead to study the optimization of nutrients in gels biomimetic of bones (tissular engineering) or the fluid-solid couplings during plant motions.

3.1 Action " Biomimetic fluids and materials "

3.2 Action " Membrane processes and nanofluids "

3.3 Action " Divided media "


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